„Undiluted“ originally was formed by Hanzi Herrmann, who gathered experience as a front-man in several local bands in the Wiesbaden area. Initially meant as a one-man-project to realize his ideas in Doom, he released the still available demo “Fading Silhouettes of Sun” in 2008, which soon was paid attention to by relevant circles.
After a while he decided to replace therein used drum-computer by a human drummer, which was found in Rico Skerra in 2011. After an intensive period of rehearsing and songwriting, Undiluted felt prepared to record their first full-length album “The Withering Path” all by themselves, under cooperation of Markus Teske as a Co-producer and Mixer. During the recording process, experienced session-musicians like Ralph-Daniel Wirth (Conjuring) on Bass, and the gifted Keyboarder Eden Rabin (Ex-Orphaned Land) participated and supported the recordings.
In 2014 Maxim Walter on Bass joined the band as a permanent member, and Tobias Wolf finally was announced being the lead guitar player in 2015 after sessioning with Undiluted throughout the years.
Influenced by several genre-typical bands of course, Undiluted cumulate their own attitude in a most unique way, emerging in a kind of gothic-doom , along with adding a well calculated portion of black-metal , creating their very own interpretation of doom-metal and dark, melancholic atmosphere…
 Undiluted are signed by Record label STF Records, and “The Withering Path” has been re-released officially at the end of 2015, available via all common and popular sources such as i-Tunes, Amazon e.g. ! Also, their first single takeout “Vittuun Löysää Kyrpää” featuring finnish vocals is available since the beginning of 2016.
Undiluted are always pretty well prepared to perform their unique idea of Doom LIVE, as proved in sharing stage with the Faroe´s Island band “Hamferd” in November 2014 and several other well known bands. So you won´t ever feel sorry for contacting us in any case!!!

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