„Undiluted“ originally was formed by Hanzi Herrmann, who is well known as a front-man from bands like Dark Serenity and Forsaken in the Wiesbaden area. Mainly meant as a one-man-project to realize his ideas in Doom, he released the demo “Fading Silhouettes of Sun” in 2008, which soon was paid attention to by relevant circles.
After a while he decided to replace the drum-computer by a human drummer, which was found in Rico Skerra in 2011. After an intensive period of rehearsing and songwriting, Undiluted felt prepared to record their first full-length album “The Withering Path” all by themselves, under cooperation of Markus Teske as a Co-producer and Mixer. During the recording process, experienced session-musicians like Ralph-Daniel Wirth (Conjuring) on Bass, and the gifted Keyboarder Eden Rabin (Ex-Orphaned Land) participated and supported the recordings.
In 2014 Maxim Walter on Bass joined the band as a permanent member, and Tobias Wolf finally was announced being the lead guitar player in 2015 after sessioning with Undiluted throughout the years.
Influenced by several genre-typical bands of course, Undiluted cumulate their own attitude in a most unique way, emerging in a kind of gothic-doom , along with adding a well calculated portion of black-metal , creating their very own interpretation of doom-metal and dark, melancholic atmosphere…
 Undiluted are signed by Record label STF Records, and “The Withering Path” has been re-released officially at the end of 2015, available via all common and popular sources such as i-Tunes, Amazon e.g. ! Also, their first single takeout “Vittuun Löysää Kyrpää” featuring finnish vocals is available since the beginning of 2016.
It was a process over years for Undiluted to find a stable line – up and after the band and Rico parted ways in autumn 2019, Marius joined as the new drummer and the situation changed unexpectable: With Flo- vox. , Marius – drums, Hanzi – guitars, Maxim on bass and not to forget Alan (session live guitars), Undiluted are going ahead and they are always prepared to perform their unique and new idea´s of Doom LIVE. As the next step, the band will record a demo and finish the material for their next album.

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