Runkel-Ennerich - Second Home


A few days ago, a new chapter in our band history has just begun!
We´re proud to announce we have signed a deal with record-label STF-Records!
Our current album "The Withering Path" will get re-released officially most
certainly on 30.10.2015 and will be available in all common ways in the stores
on that date.
We look forward to a most fruitful cooperation with STF and hope to see you all
soon to celebrate with us!
Here you may check out our record-labels official website:



We´re back home from the Doom of Wuppertal event and we´ve had an amazing evening there !! A big THX to Hamferd and Caltura and everyone who was around. You´ve made this evening so nice and special !!! That means a lot and we hope to see you all around soon !!!!

Doom over Wuppertal Gallery


On the 14th of november we´ll share the stage together with the Faeroese Doom Metal act Hamferd on the “Doom over Wuppertal” event in Germany !!! We´re pretty excited and hope to see you all there !!!! On Keys our friend from Israel, Eden Rabin (Ex-Orphaned Land), will join us and the lead guitar will be played by Boogie Knight from Caltura, the opening band on this evening !!!



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